Breitin Capital Management, LLC, a Texas based consulting and capital management company, has just initiated a partnership with Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: WARM)  to assist in market expansion of their core business through a licensing program. Breitin Capital has been strategically positioned in a business development role to establish new partnerships throughout the America’s and act as a financing arm for Cool Tech’s operation by providing loan options to licensees for equipment sales and for the acquisition of the license itself.

Breitin Capital is in the process of building its own team of manufacturing reps and will be targeting key players within the Mobile Generation sectors to help boost Cool Technologies “go to market” strategy.

Breitin Capital was founded in 2013 by Steve Burkhardt and Justin Burkhardt, to work with clients to bring funding for recapitalization, project financing, mergers and acquisitions, or assist in an exit strategy sale. Our investor based funding and lending institutions provide a wide range of financing capability. Every deal needs a power source to help move things along. New ventures need capital, or batteries to make new inventions come to life, buyers need access to new exciting opportunities and sellers need access to interested buyers.  Breitin was designed to fill the needs and expedite the completion process.

Steve Burkhardt started in the HVAC manufacturing industry and worked his way to president of Virginia KMP a division of KMP International of Oslo, Norway which was sold to Parker Hannifin of Cleveland, OH. He started Filcore a division of Valy Control of Guadalajara, Mexico building corporate revenues and profits for a successful sale to Emerson Electric of St. Louis, MO. He was also president of ASC Pavement Markings in the highway construction industry building the company for sale to United Rentals of Stamford, CT. Steve has also served as CFO of Total Highway Maintenance, LLC in Cedar Hill, TX.

Justin Burkhardt has worked within sales, marketing and finance related fields for over 5 years across a variety of industries; successfully expanded market share across borders into multiple countries, and has lead in efforts to raise over 40 million dollars in capital investment for a privately held firm. Prior to forming Breitin Capital, Justin was the director of business development for, a group of financial websites formerly owned by YAHOO. He has also spearheaded several web-based startup ventures with a private group of investors.

About Cool Technologies, Inc.
Cool Technologies, Inc.  is an intellectual property and product development company that employs a license and royalty model. The company has expertise in thermal dispersion technologies and their application to various product platforms. The Company is currently commercializing its patented thermal technology and has additional patents-pending for various OEM applications of its proprietary heat removal technologies. The markets that will be addressed by these technologies include myriad industries such as pumps, fans, compressors, batteries, motors, generators and bearings.

Cool Technologies was founded in February 2011 to commercialize a single patent: a composite heat pipe – a game changing solution to a universal problem of creating energy efficiency through the better cooling of their machine products.  Better cooling means lower operating and manufacturing costs and higher output. Heat negatively affects anything that moves or generates power and heat degrades, warps or causes devices to fail outright.  The solution is to cool or remove the heat.

Cool Technologies has addressed the added cost and complexity to the end product by implementing a proprietary heat removal process through the use of Heat Pipes. These are untraditional heat pipes that have been redesigned by Cool Tech’s team of engineers to alleviate more heat. Any kind of electric motor: pump, compressor, generator; any kind of engine: gas, diesel, boat, jet can benefit. An independent test demonstrated that Cool Technologies increased electric motor efficiency by 1 to 2 points and improved electric motor performance by 20-40%. This is a huge improvement and means that a motor enhanced with their technology can deliver more power than other motor’s of similar size and design.

Cool Technologies’ heat pipes surpass traditional heat pipes because they are the closest thing to super conductors. They offer virtually no resistance to thermal energy. The heat pipes quickly transfer heat in any direction, even against the pull of gravity and they are effective in any shape or length. Because they are sealed, the heat pipes can be shaped to fit any design or mold including engine blocks. This eliminates the need for manufacturer retooling or redesign and minimizes capital investment

Mobile Generation Application
Cool Technology has applied this ground breaking technology to the area of mobile power generators (MG) and is positioned to quickly revolutionize the space through the introduction of the Ultimate Power Truck (UPT). The UPT is an “add on” for a class 2 to class 5 work truck which attaches a mobile generation unit to the bed of the truck. These work trucks will have full use of the bed and provide for tow behind capabilities. The tow-behind generators that are offered in the marketplace today can weigh up to 6,500 pounds.  When these units are towed by a Ford F350, the vehicle can easily reach towing capacity and as a result, the vehicle cannot carry any additional weight in the bed of the truck.

With the Cool Tech System there is nothing to tow and the truck bed is fully usable to carry equipment or cargo. Unlike tow behind and bed mounted generators, Cool Tech’s MG is much better for the environment because it doesn’t require a second engine to drive the generator.  Cool Tech’s patent-pending gearing system uses the truck’s internal combustion engine to power an on-board generator that delivers up to 250 kW of electric power. It eliminates the need to tow a generator to a work site. The work vehicle powers compressors, welders and other equipment or even bucket truck arms. In the event of an outage or disaster, it provides emergency power wherever it is needed to keep operations running and perishables cold. Pound for pound, cubic inch for cubic inch, no other alternator packs more power.

The secret: Cool Tech’s thermal technology.

Mobile Charging
Have you paid any attention to the Tesla charge times? Historically these automobiles require 9 hours of charge time for their standard model and 4.5 hours with the twin charged upgrade. Cool Technology’s UPT can fully charge a Tesla in less than 15 minutes, a perfect application for roadside assistance which will be a growing need with the green expansions taking place in the automotive industry.  “HPEV’s MG Quick Charge technology could open a whole new world to the electric vehicle market and reduce, if not eliminate, what is called “range anxiety” by having the ability to predict when electric vehicles are in need of a charge and actually travel to them to provide a full charge very quickly. That should open the market for electric cars up to many who are concerned about electric vehicles’ range and viability as a commuter vehicle,” commented Scott Van Dorn, member of HPEV’s Board of Advisors and vehicle industry veteran.

Interested in Participating in Future Growth?
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